about me

giuseppe lanotte

Author of most of the images that in recent years have portrayed the places and animals of the internationally renowned State Nature Reserve and Marine Protected Area, Torre Guaceto, Giuseppe Lanotte is a nature and landscape photographer in continuous evolution.

His shots are narrative, aiming to tell the story of natural beauty and to convey a message that goes far beyond the elevation of environmental jewels to natural monuments. Through his photography, Lanotte wants to be the bearer of the values linked to the protection of places and the authentic knowledge of the territories.

This mission has led him not only to be chosen as a "portraitist" of the Brindisi protected area, but also to join the team of official photographers of Greenpeace's "Trivelle nell'Adriatico" campaign and, recently, the "Climate Change" campaign.

And yet, although nature photography plays a leading role in his work, his constant research drives him to investigate the most diverse faces of this art.

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